stripper girl spitting

Hannah and Rosangela are rich girls, to commemorate a new great contract of their company, the girls call to the whorehouse and contact a stripper girl to a private show. Giovanna attend the order and goes to the local. There, Giovanna sees to two beautiful girls, she starts to do her job, dancing a sensual music, but the girls starts to humilate the poor stripper girl spitting in her sexy body.

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spit forced seesion

Ellies start off when Tatiana just finish, she keep pulling is head down to make sure he dont get away, and she spit and spit, all in is eye’s 😉

Tatiana is over him, and she is hocking and dropping some heavy spit right in is eye’s and face!!

Sun-shine and Ellie, the spit is getting thicker and thicker, and ince in a while sun-shine pinch is hair, so he is in pain and open is mouth, she then procedds to unload right it it!!