Aletta Ocean spitting

Goddess Aletta Ocean has come up with for her slave Joschi a special humiliation. In the bathroom he has to lick her Salvia of the tiles. Again and again the dominant Glamour Princess spits on the floor in front of him and orders him to lick the spit off the ground.

Larissa Dee spitting in a slaves mouth

allPrincess Larissa Dee represents Joschi on the wall. The amazonian princess glamor oiling her before his eyes her great breasts and tells him she is not here to look at. But joschi can not resist and have their divinely beautiful body, standing watch in front of him in his full size, admiringly. But each of his eyes is the proud great lady immediately punished with a few slaps. Then she steps in front of him and spit in his face. Again and again she spits it into her mouth and orders him to swallow their saliva. The ultra horny young lady looks at him and uses his face and his mouth as a spittoon. In between there is of it every now and then slaps on cheeks and Joschi to all this still a lot of verbal abuse and humiliation.

Spit Swappers Fetish

Spit Swappers is the all-female spit fetish website. This isn’t cum swapping, guys—it’s spit swapping. Lesbian stuff. If you’re looking for cum guzzling babes, this isn’t the site. This website is the only member-directed spitting website on the internet. It’s truly one of a kind! Watch these girls cover themselves, and each other, with spit. Nothing here is too much for these girls, nothing here is taboo. If you want to see real action with hot girls featuring tons of foamy, frothy fun, you might want to check out Spit Swappers.Spit Swappers has all kinds of great saliva swapping action with some of the hottest girls on the internet. All girl, all lesbo action, enhanced with tons of slippery, drooly girls getting themselves wet and messy with their own mouths. And it’s 100% member directed, so the viewers dictate exactly the kind of action they want in their scenes. These girls get all kinds of messy on each other’s tits, cunts, and asses, as well as playing with lots of toys with one another. Every kind of girl is on this site, all of them with perfect bodies just waiting to be adorned with sexy spit. Let’s see what Spit Swappers has to offer. Currently, there are 135 different sets currently uploaded to this website. From what I can tell at this point, the website updates every other week. Once you get to the member’s only page, you’ll see all the updates that this page has, starting with the most recently updated. Nice and concise, to the point, I like it. Let’s me get to the good stuff fast. Video sets come in with a couple of different formats. They are all in WMV format. The HD videos come in at 720 x 480 resolution, and are absolutely crystal clear. It also seems that the HD videos are full length, while the other videos come in clips. Most of them are clipped in three segments, while some are clipped in two. The DSL videos are 360 x 272, are of good quality, though obviously not as good as the HD. The Broadband format is also 360 x 272, and is pretty much exactly the same quality as the DSL videos. The DSL clips tend to come in around 80MB, the broadband clips are 90MB, while the HD videos normally clock in at 150MB or so. While the website doesn’t give any instructions for doing so, you can click any of the download links, and a streaming video will open in another window. Though, I found that the videos tend to freeze my computer. Each set has roughly 200 high quality photographs each. Each of the photographs on this website tend to be around 1000px × 750px or 750px × 1000px. The photographs alternate between the two sizes depending on what in particular is going on in the set. The photographs are very well taken, and really follow step by step through all the dripping, frothy, saliva soaked action in every scene. A membership to this website will grant you membership to the whole of the Private Member’s Area Network. Those websites include Extreme Sophia, Blowjob Races, Extreme Holly, Sexy Solo Sluts, Extreme Alex, and Cum Challenge. You get more than network content, you also get access to a ton of bonus sites, including Lube Not Included, Me Sucky Fucky, Fuck Me After School, Look What’s Up My Ass, Asian Passions, MILF Galleries, Desperate Teens, Black Cock Supremacy, Double Bubble Butts, Boobs Galore, Couple Fucks Teen, Ghetto Sluts, Squirt Seekers, Wild College Fuck Parties, She Likes It Big, Real Gangbangs, Her First Anal, Her First Lesbian, and Back Seat Suck & Fuck. Really good stuff. Great network. Membership to Spit Swappers will cost you $29.86 for thirty days of recurring access. If you’d rather not deal with recurring access, you can go for the $32.86 for thirty days of non-recurring access, or $68.86 for ninety-days of non-recurring access, or you can go for the $98.86 plan for 180-days of non-recurring access. With all this content and the regularity of the updates, Spit Swappers gets a solid score of 87/100 and my recommendation too.

Spit slave – lick it!

As mistress Diana’s spit slave it’ll be your task to lick her spit. She spits on her first – and you’ll lick every drop of spit from it – you don’t want her to punch you in the face, do you? You’re just her slave so you better get to work! She didn’t aim right all the time and hit the floor a few times – and of course you’re going to lick her spit from it too! She spits on the floor a few more times and rubs her high heels in the spit puddle. Of course now, as the soles of her high heels are covered with spit too, you’re going to lick the soles too!